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Liberty Hill ISD Board of Trustees approves 24/25 compensation plan

Posted Date: 6/03/24 (9:07 PM)

The LHISD Board of Trustees approved a $2.5 million increase to the 24/25 compensation plan at the June 3 board meeting. This included a one-time $500 stipend for all teachers and staff to be paid out in October 2024. They also approved an increase to our annual medical benefits contribution to ensure that we continue to offer a no-cost plan for employee-only coverage. LHISD is a proud leader in the region for employee benefits contributions. Our commitment to providing outstanding benefits makes us one of the top contributors among school districts. This sought-after benefit is highly valued by our employees and is a key factor for many when choosing where to work.

Additionally, they approved increasing stipends by $500 for hard-to-fill Special Education (SPED) positions. In addition, the step increase for teachers, librarians and nurses was approved ensuring they receive their respective years of service step increase.

Further, the Board determined that if they call for a School Funding Proposition, and if that proposition passes in November 2024, the Board has approved a 2% midpoint salary increase for teachers, librarians, nurses and all other staff. This would be paid in January 2025, but would be retroactive from the start of each teacher and staff member’s contract year. This will increase our starting teacher salary to $56,047.00 and adjust the teacher pay scale to remain competitive regionally.

As part of our annual compensation planning, LHISD’s Human Resources and Business & Financial Services teams recommended a comprehensive pay. This recommendation was based on a review which incorporated various data sources, including:

  • annual operating budget analysis,

  • employee pay file data, 

  • regional pay comparisons, 

  • competitive stipends for critical need areas, 

  • forecasted staffing needs, and 

  • new benefits and Teacher Retirement System (TRS) rates.

Despite a projected budget deficit and unexpected state funding challenges, our employees remain a foremost priority. We are dedicated to offering a  compensation package, focusing on affordable healthcare and the recruitment and retention of exceptional teachers and staff.